Handcrafted classical and steel string guitars featuring unique woods,  tasteful aesthetics and meticulous engineering all combined to create a one of kind instrument with amazing sustain, volume and projection. 

"There is a tonal quality that is really unlike any of the more standard guitars that I have.   The sustain, purity, volume, etc are simply fantastic.  I love how well it holds volume and strength as I go up the neck.  It is a great addition to my lineup, and I'd have to say right now, it will sit in the number one slot on my guitar rack. I can only imagine it will even get better and better with a bit of playing. The Blackwood is stunning with amazing depth. I absolutely love it." - Steve Sykes 

"The best acoustic guitar I have heard for range and complexity and I've heard lots, and lots" - Pete McCurly

“I’ve been playing G.R. Bear’s Falcate Braced Concert 000 acoustic guitar for half a year and am confident that I will be discovering its potential for a long time to come. Its unique bracing, compact body style, and brilliant selection of Australian Blackwood and Western Red Cedar offer a complex, well balanced sound. With deep, warm, and booming lows, as well as bright, bell-like, and powerful trebles all the way up the neck, the guitars dynamic range and versatility are incredible. As a classical and fingerstyle guitarist exploring alternate tunings, percussion, and counterpoint, i’ve found the responsiveness both in the neck and the body of this instrument relentlessly inspiring.” - Jacob Seyer www.jacobseyer.com

Working on a custom falcate braced steel string acoustic guitar. Handcrafted in Vancouver Canada